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Easy to Make Balcony in Small Apartment

A simple way to form a balcony in a small apartment for those of you who don’t have a comfortable backyard to relax and rest your body for a while while enjoying the view from a tall building.

But there are many ways that you can make the most of the small open space, and make it as beautiful and inviting as a backyard like a cozy balcony in your place as a big city.

Some small balcony styles that function correctly.

Simple Forming Pretty Nice Balcony
the key to the attractive balcony is the plants. Forming boxes along the fence and plants clustered on the left side of the balcony gives this little spot giving a cool face from the lush garden. On the right is a small bench, suitable for curling up on a warm day, and a side table for drinking and relaxing. Outdoor carpet helps bring everything together.

Simple Forming a Small Balcony with Plant Decoration
One solution for a very small balcony is just to fill it with plants.

Form a wooden balcony
This balcony from Nooks applies to a little bit of everything – planters and small dining tables.

Small rugs help unite the space, and hanging plants add extra planting area more beautiful.

The cabinet-style greenhouse on this balcony from Brit + Co. is a good choice for growing plants especially in cold climates (or starting to plant seeds to get a jump in spring).

A hanging plantation box must be very useful here.

You might be surprised to find how little space you need to hang a hammock.

And finally there’s this balcony from Historiska Hem, which feels like a small outdoor living room, thanks to sectional sofas (a surprisingly good choice for open spaces), and, of course, carpets to tie everything together.

Have you found a simple way to form a balcony for your apartment balcony?

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