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Easy Way, Create a Kitchen Table at Home

Well, some people prefer to make their own kitchen table in accordance with their ideas and tastes. Providing some space for putting down equipment and storing food staples is one of the important functions of forming a table.

The room which is divided as storage can be called “Kitchen Island”. Because it can be united in one different place. From cooking preparation, casual dining to storage, this functional table is very beneficial for the kitchen and adds to the architectural value of the designs created.

in addition to giving a simple impression because it is made of wood, but the table can be covered with glass to make it easier to see items that you want to put or reuse. Do not forget, attach the small wheels at the foot of the table so that it is easy to move when cooking activities at home or outside the home.

Utilizing the Stone as a Stool on the Kitchen Table
If you think that bricks are only the foundation of a building, creative ideas can turn them into neat tables even if they are irregular in shape, if they are arranged properly they will support the table well. A little polish on the stone arranged, can give a unique impression of the table.

Be this table that has more high efficiency in your kitchen.

Using Weathered Patterns
Simple but efficient. The use of the concept of weathered wood is now popular because of its unique model and can be blackish gray.

Conceptualizing Scandinavian Rural Atmosphere
The kitchen is equipped with poles and solid wood beams, wooden tables, and eclectic seating.

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