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Easy Way to Make a Home in The Tropics

A nice house is a house that is designed to adapt to the surrounding climate. So that the house can be something that is not harmful to the environment, but instead exists to help the beauty of the environment.

Always apply natural elements to the design
The characteristics of tropical houses that are easiest to identify are the use of natural and natural materials such as wooden, bamboo, natural stone, to roster bricks.

Of the many elements of natural nuanced building materials, it can certainly make the appearance of a tropical style dwelling belonging to you more integrated with the climate of the surrounding environment.

Many use plants indoors and outdoors
The characteristics of tropical houses are also very identical with the number of plants around the building.

Generally plants that are placed outdoors have lush leaves, in order to make the outdoor atmosphere so cool.

Optimizes natural lighting throughout the room
The design concept of tropical dwelling is as much as possible to incorporate as much natural lighting into the dwelling.

The characteristics of the next tropical house have many openings
Door and window elements or openings in tropical dwellings, are an important characteristic of a must-have tropical home, friend! Therefore, certainly in tropical style houses always have many openings, like the following inspiration!

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