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Easy Ways to Make a House Facade

Especially if your friend’s location is in a similarly designed housing, the unique appearance of the facade of the house becomes an identity that must be highlighted. Now, so that the appearance of the facade of the house looks attractive, the use of inexpensive and environmentally friendly materials is gaining in popularity among the property world. Then roughly, what kind of material is suitable for designing low-cost housing facades?

Wood material suitable for natural but luxurious impression
Because they want to get materials to design low-cost housing facades, the use of wood elements may be an option. And because of the many types of wood, you have to choose the type of wood material that is suitable for use in outdoor areas.

Examples of wood elements suitable for use in the exterior area are bengkirai wood, oak, pine and cedar. But do not forget to provide termite paint on the facade material of this wood, when it is already the finishing process.

This stone can be arranged using a certain pattern so that the house look more elegant and natural. The use of andesite is indeed widely used, because how to clean it tends to be easy and simple.

A classic facade look with the use of exposed bricks
Exposed brick is indeed used to display the natural impression on the outside walls of the house.

Cheap house facade material is aci plaster with paint finishing
This material is one of the most preferred materials for designing low-cost housing facades, friend.

In addition, TAKA Paints Armor also has a comprehensive protection against the surface of the exterior walls of the house from the attack of mold and mildew, for a period of 5 years, friend!

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