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Efficient House Cleaning Tips

A clean house is the key to the happiness of its inhabitants. A clean and neat house is the dream of the residents. But the rush at the office often makes us not have time to clean the house. Therefore, let’s see tips to clean the house quickly

Clean Houses Start with Clean Habits

Clean homeowners will not wait until the house looks messy and then tidy it up. On the contrary, a clean house is a business that is carried out continuously by all family members who live in the house. Therefore involve your spouse and children in presenting a clean house together.

Create clean habits starting from making your bed when you wake up, wiping the stove and sink after use, putting things in their right place, and throwing trash in their place is a habit that must be nurtured so that the house is clean every time is not just a dream.

Provide Clean Equipment

If you want your house to be clean, of course you must have adequate cleaning equipment. If you want to reduce the hassles, you can buy cleaning equipment that is easy to use and practical in its use.

Don’t Delay Plate Washing

But did you know? Kitchen sinks contain 100,000 times more bacteria than bacteria in the bathroom. Therefore, it is better to wash the dishes immediately after use to avoid bacteria and viruses and also to keep the kitchen clean and healthy.

Ready to Throw Unused Items

Many people find it difficult to have a clean house because they love old things too much. For the sake of creating a clean house, do not hesitate to get rid of objects that are not used anymore.

Clean house tips from Marie Kondo, creator of the Konmarie technique as well as the figure of a well-known home organization in Japan, which only stores objects that have direct benefits to the homeowner.

Focus on Each Room

It takes a high level of focus when cleaning every room so that a clean house at any time can be created. Thus, you can concentrate perfectly and not lose focus.

Change Your Bed Sheets and Vacuum Your Bed

The mattress that we sleep every day is filled with dead skin cells and our sweat, this area is a favorite place for germs, lice and bacteria to gather. Hot water works to kill bacteria.

bed is also a mandatory agenda. Do it at least every two weeks, which is useful for removing dust and removing mold. It’s time you routinely and diligently clean the area where you rest.

Clean the AC Filter

Some air conditioners now make it easier for us to open the filter by hand, without the need for equipment. To clean the filter, use a cloth that has been dampened with a little water, but you can also clean the dust and dirt by using a vacuum cleaner. This is very simple and you can save on maintenance costs.

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