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European House Facade of Classical Design

European-style architecture is easily found in almost all parts of the world. In addition to its enchanting shape, in ancient times the Europeans colonized many countries, thus bringing architectural influence on local buildings including European-style houses.

The hallmark of a European home facade is usually built in the presence of pillars
Characteristic of the facade of a European house which is a favorite in some countries, usually always appearing with the presence of pillars on the right and left side of the residential entrance. Pillar shape generally resembles a cylinder, depending on the design of the European style of the house itself, oriented to the Roman style or to the French style.

The main door that protrudes into a characteristic of the facade of a European home that cannot be removed
European style houses are synonymous with grandeur, so for the selection of models and door designs in European style houses must be magnificent. But there is one characteristic that is present in the facade of European houses that can not be removed.

Identical to the arched main door shape
When you first see a European-style house, it’s easy to see what its characteristics are like.

Also identical to the large window display
In addition to appearing with a magnificent main door and curved top side, the characteristics of the facade of a European house must also not be separated from the model display window which is also large.

Interested in building a European-style house too?

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