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Examples of Modern Minimalist Home Designs that are Easy to Apply

Examples of Modern Minimalist Home Designs that are Easy to Apply
Minimalist home design is now the most frequently chosen home design. Especially for those of you who live in cities with minimal land, then the choice of a minimalist home model is indeed very suitable to be applied. The most important thing is how you can combine modern and functional styles. For those of you who want to apply a minimalist style in your home, then the application of modern minimalist home design examples like below can be tried.

Maybe this minimalist modern home design model will be very suitable for you who have narrow land and save budget. So, it is highly recommended this house model for small families only. Do not forget to put the right furniture to be more comfortable.

Contrary to the previous design, this minimalist 2-storey house might be suitable for families with more family members.  As for the lower floors, it can be used maximally and functionally.

Maybe the style of a traditional house can be said to be old school, but who would have thought if the custom house model can be transformed into a modern minimalist house. For example, you want to implement a Betawi traditional house, with the characteristics of wooden fences, window and door shapes, and pillars.  You can sweeten it with a modern look. Choose furniture made from wood that has a modern touch so it looks more attractive. So what you need to do is finalize the concept of the custom house model that you want. Then give the characteristics of a traditional house in a minimalist house that you build.

Many people are also happy to apply the classic style in a minimalist home, especially if you have a large area of ​​land then the application of modern minimalist home designs like this would be very suitable. Simple houses can still seem classic and luxurious if you can apply the right concepts and designs.

For the real furniture problem, you don’t need to have to use large and luxurious ones. Try to choose furniture that is functional but still impressed elegant. You can strengthen the impression of luxury by using elegant colors in the room or wall at home. Whether it’s full color or only on a few sides, this will further strengthen the classic style in it. The classic look will also be stronger when you can choose the right furniture to put in the house.

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