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Excellence Pine Stairs!

What are the benefits of pine wood stairs compared to other types of wood stairs?

The advantage of pine wood stairs is the bright color tone When you see pine trees for the first time, you will fall in love with the bright color tone.

This bright, neutral color also makes pine ladders suitable in any stylish room.

This pine wood staircase is easy to shape If you want to use pine wood as a residential ladder, you can get a variety of stairs.

Pine wood has smooth fibers and is light in weight.

These two things make it easy to process.

So the residential stairs that can be applied in this dwelling can be formed spirally, and formed classically.

Have amazing endurance or strength Despite the fine texture of pine wood fiber, it turns out that this type of wood stores amazing durability or strength!

The advantage of this fairly sturdy pine wood staircase also has antishock properties.

The affordable price is a tantalizing advantage The material or building material sought is definitely durable, strong and affordable, and these three things are all owned by this pine wood, you know!

Because the growth of pine wood is quite fast, so that the regeneration or stock is a lot so the price given to the market can be cheaper than teak.

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