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The Narrow Bedrooms In Studio Apartments Become Enchanting Easily Arranging the bedroom is enough to need foresight, .

Moreover, arranging bedrooms in studio apartments that make us have to be very clever.

So that the narrow area can still feel comfortable and not boring.

Well … in arranging the bedroom in a studio apartment, this is what you can do to make it look monotonous.

Paying attention to the arrangement of furniture If the room is not too big, the use of furniture that is multi-functional is indeed one of the right solutions to save space.

But besides that the way to arrange it must also be considered, Good Air Circulation And Lighting Adjust the position of the bedroom so that it is in an area that gets sunlight and good air circulation.

Focus on the Scenery Outside the Room Arrange the bedroom with the main focus on views outside the room.

So from inside the room you can enjoy the city view or the balcony from inside the room.

This method will help Buddy  not easily get bored with the bedroom area which is only limited by the closed room walls.

Give Decoration With Art Or Plant Accents To give the impression of a bedroom that is more attractive and colorful, Buddy  can add beautiful decorations with a preferred accent of art or homemade decoration.

Place it in an area that is easily visible so Buddy  is happy when he sees it.

Or  can also put plants that can live in the room to give the impression cool.

Arrange a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment with Own Focal Points Focal points are useful for directing attention to focus on one area, .

Well, one of the areas that can be used as a focal point for arranging bedrooms in studio apartments is the headboard area.

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