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Expanding the Small Family Room!

How to change the tiny family room so that it can look attractive and beautiful?

Here, a few tips, tricks and inspiration for all my friends!

Choose a bright room color To make the appearance of a small family room feel roomy and large, you must consider carefully what color you want to use for interior design.

Give a little striking color as an accent, will make the appearance of a tiny family room look more beautiful!

So that the location of the family room that usually is in the middle of the dwelling can be made together with the dining room and kitchen.So that the family room that used to be small and narrow sized, so it seems more spacious.

Starting from choosing a furniture model that is compact, multifunctional and can be shifted as needed.

If the furniture chosen is easy to move around, the living room can be made multifunctional, friend!

Can be made meeting, studying, playing to be made for lazing.

Design a light source that is evenly distributed throughout the room So that the tiny family room in your dwelling doesn’t feel cramped, make sure the family room gets enough light and spreads evenly throughout the room.

Or you can also use the help of a mirror to reflect light.

Moreover, the mirror can also give the impression of a room feels more spacious you know.

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