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Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques for Your Beloved House

Bright outdoor wall paint colors are dominated by forest green with a touch of orange

Indeed, when just thinking about it, green tends to have a dark and gloomy impression. But with the combination of the natural green color with orange color produced from wood elements like the picture above, the house looks more alive.

You can also create a bright outdoor wall paint with a combination of these two colors. Symbolizing cheerfulness and positivity, the color yellow is often the choice for bright outdoor wall paint. Also add lighting from yellow lights so that the house will feel more colorful and produce its own color statement for your house.

Gray with white and brick red to paint bright outside walls

One example of the selection of bright outdoor wall paint is in the bungalow house above which shows a warm impression wrapped in a palette of gray, white and a touch of brick red. The touch of the brick red color itself is useful so that the bright color of the outside wall of the house can be realized in a balanced way in your house so that the house does not seem too pale and monotonous.

Suburban-style house with bright outdoor wall paint colors

The color of suburban homes in the United States is usually dominated by white, gray, gold, rustic red, to forest wood for the color of the roof of the house. Well, the bright color of the outer walls of the suburban house itself will usually use light gray or light gray. The color of the roof of the house can adjust to the color of the wall. Like the house above, which uses a dark gray color for a Tudor-style roof with bright outdoor wall paint in a light gray color to compensate for the roof color.

Bright outdoor wall paint colors for a cottage house

If your house type is a cottage type house, then you can explore bright colors like sunny yellow or bright yellow, turquoise, or orange. These colors can give the impression of cheerful and homey to your home.

Like the house above which has bright outdoor wall paint colors, namely yellow wall paint, turquoise for the color of white doors and railings installed on the house.

Are you still confused about choosing bright outdoor wall paint colors now? Hopefully this article can help you choose the right paint color!

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