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Facade Color Options

The facade or exterior of the house illustrates the character of the house.

The beauty of the facade is also the first impression of people’s judgment.

So that you do not choose the wrong color, some of these tips can be used as inspiration to choose the right color in the facade of the house, how to do?

Neutral color is the color choice for the facade of the house Neutral colors like white, beige, light gray are pretty much the choice for the color of the facade of the house.

Because, in addition to neutral colors will be easily combined with a variety of styles and accessories, neutral colors that tend to be bright can also reflect sunlight well so that it can reduce heat in the house you know.

The choice of colors in the facade of the house that looks cool Each color has its own character and impression.

For example if you want to give the impression of calm and peace, you can choose the color blue or green as the color for the facade of the house.

To work around this, you can use bold colors or striking colors as accents to decorating the facade of a house dominated by neutral colors.

With the right combination of neutral and bold colors, the facade of the house can look more attractive.

The color for the facade can be likened to the color of the tile house To choose the right color for the facade of the house, you can also adjust the color of the outer walls of the house with the color of the roof tiles.

So with a matching color, the facade of the house also looks more attractive and harmonious.

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