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Small House Floor Plan 2

It is not impossible for a small house to use a two-story house plan to look up. Through the application of a two-story house plan on the tiny house above, there are four bedrooms, all of which are placed on the top floor. Still on the same floor, there are two bathrooms, each equipped with a sitting closet accompanied by a bidet, bathtub, and sink.

Meanwhile, the ground floor of the two-storey house plan is more focused on the main rooms. Uniquely, this two-storey house plan has a lounge area that can be used to receive guests while relaxing or hanging out with family. For the back of the house plan, this two-story house is devoted to dining activities.

House Plan 2 Floor Minimalist Style

For lovers of simple minimalist home style, this two-story house plan is perfect for you. The focus of this two-storey house plan is more on the use of outdoor space filled with grass and greenery. The ground floor area carries the concept of open space because it has so little insulation that it looks more spacious and is not complicated.

Meanwhile, the top floor plan of the two-storey house features three bedrooms lined up and compact, but still personal. Don’t forget, apply a minimalist color palette and matching furniture to make this two-story house plan more beautiful.

Floor Plan of House with 2 Open Rooms

This two-story house plan is very fun to inhabit. Complete with a car garage, this two-storey house plan also has a foyer area, aka a large open space. With the foyer area, visitors will definitely pass after entering through the front door to go to the living room. This two-story house plan has a relaxed and comfortable feel, including the top floor which is also very neat.

Floor Plan 2 Houses for Luxury Families

This two-story house plan is very sufficient to meet all the needs of families who want extra facilities. This two-story house plan is equipped with a home theater along with functional furniture, study room or private work space, as well as four very spacious bedrooms.

In addition, this two-story house plan is also structured very efficiently and has continuity between the right spaces. Although this two-storey house plan has a size of land that is wide enough, still use multifunctional furniture to save space.

House Plan 2 Floor Special Rest

This two-story house plan specifically only highlights the needs of the upper floor which is designated as a place to rest, where there are three bedrooms that are quite spacious. In addition, on the top floor of the two-floor house plan there are also two adjoining bathrooms, each of which has a bathtub, closet and sink. Not to forget, there is also a multipurpose room in the back.

A new family can freely design the ground floor of this two-story house plan. Usually the ground floor is more functioned for gathering needs, such as living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, to outdoor areas if there is still land left.

How, have you found the floor plan of the two-story house of your choice? Congratulations on realizing the dream house plan!

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