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Garden in the house is more beautiful

Designing an environmentally friendly home is certainly a necessity for every architect in the world. An environmentally friendly design by minimizing the use of energy, various kinds of plants and also enough open space in the house is part of the way to realize an eco-house. Like this house in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The house that embodies the concept of eco-house is designing a garden area in the house, you know! Wow, it’s really interesting, the concept of residential in Vietnam. Curious as to how cool and beautiful, the garden in the house? Come on, we will see together the inspiration.

The house that was designed by MM ++ Architects feels very beautiful both outside and inside the building. This house was built in a residential area of ​​Ho Chi Minh which is quite dense. With the size of the house which is certainly not small, residential arrangement is equipped with a garden and voids in the interior.

Of course, the existence of a garden in this house makes the natural light of the sun easily enter the dwelling, and plus the air exchange circulation becomes easier.

Uniquely, the ground floor of the house is raised so that it is different from the height of the street. This house is really unique, right ?!

For the guest entrance, there are stairs with a mini garden with a variety of plants decorate it. While the other door is a door with stairs that directly leads to the patio and kitchen area of ​​the parking lot.

On this first floor there are a variety of public and private facilities. In addition to the living room, patio and kitchen, there is also a master bedroom and service areas such as toilets and laundry. The living room on this floor feels very spacious with a patio. There is a comfortable sofa, a low guest table, and a television as an indoor entertainment facility.

The kitchen which is also equipped with a dining area has a very prominent appearance. The kitchen which looks elegant and is also complete is very pleasant for residents who love cooking activities. The long and spacious dining table that can be used for large events in this house.

The thing that becomes the main star in this residence is the existence of a patio that does feel very beautiful and refreshing. The patio area is designed with trees and also a pool of water.

Residents of course can sit while reading the available books. Coupled with natural freshness, makes the mind clearer while relaxing or reading a book.

Or want to relax while looking at the scenery around the house, the balcony area which is also planted with green plants like the picture above, can also be an alternative for the occupants of the house.

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