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Get to know the most popular types of interior design

Interior design is always interesting to watch. Arranging houses, apartments, offices or even boarding houses with interiors that fit our desires will add happiness and make us more comfortable. There are many interior design styles that you can make inspiration you know to be more comfortable at home.

Originally from Sweden, this one style emphasizes the warmth and cheerfulness of the family. Generally this style gives a casual impression that is seen from a mixture of furniture that looks simple but charming. Scandinavian home interior design is synonymous with clean and natural impression. Inspired by snow, mountains and oceans around the Nordic countries, Scandinavian-style interiors are very popular throughout the world.

Industrial home interior design is inspired by industrial warehouse interiors. Industrial interior design is identical to concrete floors and steel ceilings.

This vintage interior style is dominated by soft colors like white, light green, light gray, pastel pink, and light yellow. Vintage styling style sometimes also gives a multifunctional effect for several objects.

This stylish interior tends to be elegant and feminine from England, furnished with Pop-victorian-style furniture that has an antique-looking impression and is dominated by white, beige, and other pastel colors.

This style is a form of freedom, modern look and colorful collection. A space with boho-chic style is very fitting to define personal and aesthetic style and reflect individuality. Bohemian style has a characteristic use of carpets and fabrics that enliven the appearance of the room. To apply this interior design, you can combine various motifs and colors at once in one room.

Coastal style is also called nautical, identical to the atmosphere of the beach or sea. Usually contains elements of white, blue, shades of wood such as beach houses, sea motifs or wood crafts that look old-fashioned. Natural material, white color, and some glass interiors make the room have a beachside sensation. The key to this style is to make the room bright and feel gentle. The main color combination is taken from colors such as beach sand, shells, sea and sky.

Rustic style is so attached to everything that is natural and natural. The interior design of the rustic house is identical to the wood element without the finishing touch and natural stone. This element can be seen from brick walls that are not diaci, exposed ceilings, and wooden furniture. The nuances created by this interior design are rugged yet warm.

In contrast to Bohemian, Morocco has more dense patterns and more vibrant colors. Adopting from Morocco, Morrocan Style is very rich in history, color and texture. A lively pattern with bright colors becomes an architectural component that is displayed

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