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Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

Gender differences, different designs. The love of girls and boys is certainly different.

A pleasant space theme or character
Creating certain nuances such as thematic design can be the first step when designing rooms that are comfortable for children. Know the interests and tastes of children first so that the room can be a comfort zone when he is resting and learning and playing.

Children’s room design inspiration can be seen from the daily life of children. The character of the room can be obtained from themes that are liked by their children and applied to the maximum, for example Scandinavian or beach feel. In addition, it can also present graphics of your child’s favorite animals, for example the design of a cat-shaped headboard.

Also pay attention, are there any characters from the movies that he likes? It is recommended to apply in just one area or not too much, because at any time they will get bored or switch tastes.

The colors that make children sleep
It is true, under his conscious mind, children will be more attracted to bright colors and contrasts, such as blue, red, and yellow. However, bright colors that can stimulate this active feeling are more suitable for use in the playroom. Pastel colors can help children feel calm and relaxed to “deliver” their sleep. For pop or bright colors can be implemented in furniture, bedding, or decoration.

The color applied is very supportive of each theme and you can take it from the characters that have been applied. For example, your daughter likes a rainbow or a unicorn, then the wall can use several colors of paint. However, if your daughter is in grade 5, they will likely choose a more neutral color, such as blue, white, or cream.

The bed design for the siblings can be tricked by a multilevel system or loft. Choose the color of the bed to suit the tastes of brother and sister.

Beautiful dressing room to train to choose your own clothes
Rooms can also be multi-role with a desk and storage cupboard that is generally maximized for all the needs of girls until their children at least graduate from school. If you have a large enough room, provide a special dressing room for your daughter. Mirror is an important interior element for him to look in the mirror and choose his favorite clothes.

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