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Good Grass Selection in The Park

Grass is one of the important elements in a dwelling, especially if you have a home garden. Given the beautiful garden is usually not separated from the role of well-maintained green grass. As a consideration, friend, you know about synthetic grass and natural grass that need to be known.

Considering ArtGrass artificial turf is even produced with high quality European materials and machines that are guaranteed with certificates from several international institutions of the world.

Easier maintenance system than natural grass. So you just have to clean it regularly every day with a vacuum cleaner.

Does not require sunlight, therefore synthetic grass can be applied indoors or indoor areas. So if you want to have a dry garden inside the house, you can make synthetic grass as an option for the garden floor.

Therefore synthetic grass is also widely used as a decoration to beautify dwellings.

More environmentally friendly because it saves water, motor fuel, pesticides and other chemicals. So that maintenance costs are also more efficient than natural grass.

So it’s more efficient right? Moreover, there is a warranty card and customer service that will help you consult friendly and easy.

Available in several types, so it will be easier for you to choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Natural Grass
Because natural grass is a native plant, so applying natural grass to a home garden can provide additional oxygen.

Natural grass can minimize the heat, so parks that use natural grass will seem more fresh.

Requires water, fertilizer or pesticides in the maintenance process to keep it alive and growing in good condition.

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