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Green Design for the Interior of the Cafe, Turns Very Interesting

Not much is indeed the application of green design for a cafe or restaurant. Because in fact, green design is very good for the sustainability of a building in this era. On what basis, say the concept of green can be really good for restaurants or cafes? Because there are interesting works that will be reviewed at the following Rooang, let’s watch!

Green design in a cafe interior concept
The interior design project of the cafe with the green design concept was named ‘MONKEY CAFE’, Friend Rooang. The architect and designer named VRO Inarchi Studio deliberately chose this green concept, with consideration in order to preserve the environment and environmentally friendly behavior that is increasingly apprehensive. So it is certain that jika MONKEY CAFE ’will be an impressive and charming architectural work!

It also created a pond and planted several trees as a barrier to protect buildings. And ivy plants are also hung up to sweeten the entrance area of ​​the cafe.

In addition there are transparent walls and sizable openings in this cafe, in order to maintain the sustainability of outdoor and indoor areas.

Although the concept is environmentally friendly, playful impression is still visible
The concept of green architecture design that always seems formal or serious, in fact can be balanced with a playful accent Buddy Rooang! The thing is there are some accessories for cutting apes, especially on the elements of the walls of the cafe, which gives a playful feel typical of the cafe nowadays!

The bright color of banana blends nicely with the green concept as seen on the floor element with the use of reclaimed wood and concrete. Moreover, the design of the furniture model in the cafe is made asymmetrical and flexible, so that it can match the accents of bananas in the cafe wall area.

So that in the dining area is divided into two concepts, namely, there are individual and group areas that focus on guests who come together with family or relatives.

Even so the application of green architecture still feels strong in this cafe thanks to the presence of greenwall and also one of the features recycle plain bars with boxes containing indoor plants that can improve air quality in the room.

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