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Home Garden Decoration For You

Because the park is important to maintain air quality in a dwelling, especially for those who live in urban areas.

So that can beautify the front area of ​​the house with a garden, here, is there any inspiration to decorate the front garden of the house that you can try?

How beautiful is the decoration inspiration?

Decor the front garden of the house near the patio area The terrace part of the house turned out to be a beautiful friend by decorating it as a park.

Because, if you don’t occupy a large area by combining the patio and garden area into one, it will be an efficient solution!

Buddy can put flower pots on the porch floor of the house, so that makes the front of the house decoration sweeter.

In order to decorate the front garden of the house near the terrace look beautiful, choose flowers with large petals and colors that match the exterior of the house.

Especially for the front of a small house, hanging plant pots can be a simple, beautiful and attractive element of decoration!

Utilizing the front wall of the house To make garden decorations in front of the house, it turns out that it can also utilize the residential walls.

When the plant grows, the supporting cavities will be covered and a garden will be created on the wall.

So that this living wall looks dense and beautiful, choose green plants whose leaves grow elongated.

Decorate the front garden of the house with a path A garden does not always have to be filled with colorful flowers.

Expanse of grass with paths like this also has created a beautiful atmosphere.

If you want a more attractive appearance, you can use colorful natural stones or stones with certain motifs.

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