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Tips for a clean house without a maid
Without helpers, your shrewdness in managing your time and resources is the key to successfully managing your home.

Prepare a daily and weekly schedule – and stick to it
Determine priorities

How to clean the house quickly and neatly can not be started without a realistic schedule. Prepare a daily and weekly cleaning schedule according to your empty hours, and be disciplined. There will be times when you feel reluctant, but by continuing to stick to it, this schedule will become a habit.

Our advice, schedule a big cleaning activity every weekend, and clean up the small things every day, for example:

Weekly cleaning: mopping and scouring the floor with special products such as Superpell, vacuuming on the couch, cleaning the window glass, cleaning the bathroom and toilet with a crust remover like Vixal, changing sheets and pillowcases in each room.

Daily cleaning: sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen after every cooking, and washing dishes after every meal.
Two to three times a week: washing and ironing clothes.
Of course, there are various other cleaning activities that you have to do besides those listed above, for example changing sofa pillowcases and drying / cleaning the mattress. Determine your priorities in setting a schedule for these activities so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Bathroom mats get dirty faster than curtains so you need priority.

Involve all family members

Cleaning the house with the family is not only a quick way to clean the house, but also a way to apply good habits in children. Children will learn to be responsible. Write also the name of the family member in charge of doing each cleaning activity in your schedule (see point number 1) so that they are also disciplined in obeying it.

Avoid piling up items

Items that you have not used for a long time and take up space in your home are a waste of your time and energy to clean and maintain them. In fact, time and energy are valuable assets in caring for homes without helpers.

Decide where to store each item

Houses with scattered objects are certainly not unsightly and can disturb the comfort of the residents. Also teach children to arrange things in their place. Besides making the house always look neat, this will also help you to clean the house quickly without helpers.

Thus some tips on caring for the house without a maid. Managing a home without a maid does not mean losing time enjoying life, taking time to go for coffee with friends or doing hobbies. If you are relaxed, how to care for the house without helpers will not look too heavy.

Change your perspective and see the positive values ​​of caring for a home without a helper – save money and teach responsibilities to children Make cleaning a habit a habit not to feel too heavy Obey your schedule, but provide relief if there are things not unexpectedly delayed schedule.

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