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How Important is Public Space?

A good city is a comfortable place for all its inhabitants.

Therefore, the need for fresh air and public space is of course also highly needed by all city dwellers.

So that its citizens can move quietly, regularly and comfortably, a city must provide public space.

The first is due to beauty reasons.

Yep, the affairs of the city’s beauty are also determined by the presence of a public space.

Order of flowers and trees in the city park, will make the atmosphere of public spaces in the city will be more beautiful.

Moreover, the existence of this green belt or public space, it is also important to make the air inside the city healthier.

Certain plants in-law of the tongue-in-law, Spider Plant or Boston fern become several types of plants that are often used to decorate city parks, because of the benefits that can be a cleaner pollutants that pollute the city.

Because the citizens of a city need lots of public places in the public that can provide them the facilities to exercise, play and channel hobbies.

So it is very important for a city to provide public space, as a form of city concern for its citizens to be able to get a good and decent life.

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