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How To Best Tips Care of Wood Tables Properly

How To Best Tips Care of Wood Tables Properly

With the right care, your wooden table will last forever. If you take good care of the piece of furniture, you can pass it on for generations without losing any of its charm – on the contrary.

Cleaning the wooden table – so it’ll work

Old wooden tables in particular look really great and never go out of style.

The most durable and therefore the easiest to clean are undoubtedly lacquered tabletops. If a glass falls over, it is usually sufficient to wipe it quickly as the wood is relatively well protected by the varnish.

With these, the wood looks more natural and the grains come into their own much better.
Maintain a wooden table – it depends on the type of wood
How you maintain the table depends largely on whether the wood is glazed, lacquered or waxed. You should take good care of your wooden table about two to three times a year.

Thanks to the surface care, the wooden table is also less susceptible to stains, such as those caused by spilled drinks.

Basically, when maintaining the wooden tables, the wood will always work in the direction of the grain.
The care of the lacquered wooden tables is just as easy as the cleaning. For varnished wooden surfaces, you can get special maintenance kits from specialist retailers that treat the wood two to three times a year. However, what you should not use to care for such a wooden table are sprays or polishes, as this will damage the paint.
If you have an untreated wooden table, oil should be your first choice for maintenance. You don’t even have to resort to expensive furniture care oils from specialist retailers. You can also maintain the wood with normal cooking oil. Occasionally rub heavily used wooden tables with natural resin or paraffin oil.

Tip: Wood as a natural raw material lives and develops continuously.


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