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How to Care for Acacia Wood Furniture Easy Tips

How to Care for Acacia Wood Furniture Easy Tips Having wood furniture at home gives the impression of a classic, natural, warm and luxurious. Wood furniture is usually made from several types of wood, including teak, mahogany, acacia, trembesi, and camphor.

Maybe we are one of those who like or have wood furniture, but never know the right way to clean it.

Cleaning wood furniture should be done once a week with a wet cloth. But besides that there are several ways to clean wooden furniture that need attention:

Clean from dust

Put a little lemon oil on a wet / damp cloth then clean the wood furniture thoroughly. We can also use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the grooves of the wooden furniture.

Removes Water Stains

A fairly effective way to get rid of water stains is to rub toothpaste on a damp cloth then rub the cloth until the stain is lifted. For stubborn stains, mix a little baking soda and toothpaste on a damp cloth.

Children love to put stickers everywhere, including the wooden furniture that we have.

Make Wood Furniture Stay Shiny

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