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How to Care for Antique Wood Furniture Best Tips

How to Care for Antique Wood Furniture

If you are considering renovating a house or office, wooden furniture with an elegant classic style should be one of your considerations when filling a space.

Wood materials are often a favorite of interior designers. They used to incorporate wood elements into various themes to elevate the impression of nature and return to nature. Especially for Indonesia, which is famous for its tropical rain forests with various types of trees.

But care for a furniture with wood material is not as easy as caring for plastic or iron material furniture. Because it is made from organic material, caring for wooden furniture requires special handling so as not to be exposed to mold, termites, or even weathered. If you give the right treatment, high quality wood material will last longer.

Tips for Caring for Wood Furniture:
tips on caring for wooden furniture1. Add footwear to furniture
These furniture footwear are sold in the market with relatively cheap prices and a variety of shapes and sizes. This furniture footwear is very easy to install, just by attaching the glue on the cleaned furniture leg. This furniture footwear can provide protection to furniture and floors, while preventing friction stains on parquet and marble floors.

Lift the furniture when moving it
Make sure you always lift the furniture when you want to move it. So from now on, let’s lift the table, chair or cupboard when moving it.

tips on caring for wooden furniture3. Place it in a dry place
When creating the interior design of a room, you must consider the position of wooden furniture.

Clean with a liquid cleaning material of wood
Clean wood furniture regularly or immediately when exposed to water droplets.

tips on caring for wooden furniture5. Cover with furniture polish
To keep the wood material shiny with the right humidity, don’t forget to add furniture shine. This upholstery liquid is available in various types of cleaners, it can be liquid, oil or lotion. Use a soft cloth to rub and coat the surface of the furniture.

It is very easy to use, you can simply choose the same color of the crayons and markers as the color of the furniture, and the color of the scratched part.

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