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How to Care for Eucalyptus Wood Garden Furniture

The Right Way to Take Care of Outdoor Furniture to Stay Durable

Not only the space in the house that requires beautiful, functional and strong furniture. Outdoor spaces such as parks or terraces also actually require the right table and chairs. Because it is located outside the room, this furniture will automatically be exposed to direct sunlight.

Having furniture in the house is certain. Well, do you have outdoor furniture too? Furniture that is outside the room / house sometimes has to be extra extra in caring for it to last longer or last longer. There are several maintenance methods that you can do to maintain your outdoor furniture.

Follow these tips so that the furniture outside your home’s room remains durable.

Use wood oil

To keep wood furniture, you last longer and shiny, use wood oil. This wood oil will protect your wood furniture from excessive sunburn because it maintains moisture so that it can reduce the temperature of the sun’s heat when it hits wood.

Made from aluminum

This outdoor furniture made from aluminum can be cleaned by using warm water mixed with soap. Try to clean it gently using foam or cloth. This can take care of your outdoor furniture, making it more durable.

Outdoor furniture made of plastic

Although outdoor furniture made from plastic is easy to clean, don’t forget to take care of it. Cleaning can use water and soap. To get rid of mold on your furniture, you should use baking soda to clean it.

This helps to make furniture more durable, especially if the weather is not friendly such as a sunny morning and rainy afternoon.

Fabric outdoor furniture

Washing with detergent is a good way to clean cloth outdoor furniture. One example is a pillow. If your pillow is white, you should clean it with bleach to remove mold when the rainy season comes.

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