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How to Caring for Iron Fence Not Easily Rusty

Tips on caring for iron fence not easily rusty

Having a fence on a house is very important. The fence has a function for the barrier between the house and the outside of the house. The fence also serves to protect the house from outside disorders. Fences also make the house safer. Especially when there are vehicles in the garage of the house, the fence will be a strong guard. However fences do not always look strong and good.

Iron, aluminum, and metal type make fences easily exposed to oxidation. Water, sun, and other pollution make the fence of the Sobat vulnerable to damage. Here is how to remove rust on the fence of the Sobat house.

Knowing the cause of rust

Rust or corrosion is common in fences made of iron or certain metals.

Rust Cleaning on Iron
Cleanse rust on a house fence using a coarse textured cloth. Use a mask and thick gloves to avoid scratches on the hands of the buddy. Pour liquid in the form of thinkers that have no fragrance or flavorful aroma.

Rub it firmly and carefully on any part of the house’s iron fence. Especially those that have been rusty. Coarse wipe texture will make it easier to remove rust on the iron fence.

Using hot water
Buddy will see a colourful iron fence look. Better Sobat re-paint the iron fence of Sobat. Repaints serve to avoid rust coming faster. In addition to embellish the exterior of the house Sobat. It’s easy, just by heating the water and pouring on the bucket. Use a wipe and dip the clean wipe and give the soap on a wet lap surface.

Rub back the whole iron fence of the Sobat house. New remaining hot water in a bucket of Sobat pour on all parts of the iron fence. New Buddy can repaint on the next day. Prepare a thick and strong paint brush adjusting with the house iron fence texture.

Repainting The iron fence
Choose paint with black, white, red, yellow or blue color as the base color. The re-painting stage is fairly long when the entire house iron fence is completed given a basic color paint, the new Sobat can continue the next day. The goal is to make the paint dry perfectly.

Then Sobat give additional paint in the form of iron paint that quickly dries. Re-paint with the iron fence color of the house that Sobat wants. Mix the paint using the thinners to make it more shiny and quickly dry. Reuse iron paint to further reinforce the paint color of iron fence house.

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