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How to Clean a Bathroom Sink

To make the bathroom look attractive and also efficient, it must be ensured that all the elements work well.

Cleaning the bathroom sink must be routine
So that the appearance in the bathroom is clean and comfortable, of course, one way to get it is to clean the bathroom sink regularly. Because you can’t, the condition of the bathroom is clean and comfortable, if you are lazy to clean it.

Especially in the bathroom there are so many elements of the product that must be cleaned, one of which is the sink.

How to clean a bathroom sink with telling
To clean the bathroom sink properly and accurately, Friend Rooang must also pay attention to the curve of the sink inside. Starting from the sink drain that can be cleaned using baking soda, you know!

Here, let me know, what are the tools and ingredients as well as how to clean it!

Tools and Materials :
First of all, clean the sink hole with hot water.

So that the bathroom sink can run well, smoothly and not clogged.

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