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How to Clean & Maintain Solid Wood Flooring & Parquet Wood

Using wood floors does give the impression of cool, natural, and beautiful. But, know that cleaning wood floors is certainly different from granite or ceramic floors. Caring for wood floors is a bit more difficult compared to floors in general.

Hardwood floors have moist properties and are easier to absorb water so that dust and dirt are harder to clean. Things that cause damaged wooden floors include weather, activities carried out, cleaning and caring for the wrong floor, etc.

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Even though parquet only functions as a coating, the treatment must also be as intensive as actual hardwood floors. Required accuracy and proper handling in cleaning wood floors to keep it clean and durable, including anticipating it from termite pests.

There are two different ways to clean solid wood flooring with parquet flooring. Therefore, make sure you know for sure what the floor of your apartment is made of.

The following is how to properly clean a wooden floor:

Because it is easier to absorb water and dirt, be sure to sweep the parquet floor regularly so that dust and dirt do not stick too long and eventually accumulate on your wooden floor. Use a broom with soft bristles or use a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner)

Floor mop

If the wood floor has a waterproof coating, mix the wood floor cleaner with warm water. Choose cleaners that have good quality. Mop the floor in a circular motion, then dry with a clean cloth.

Choose a mop with the right material
To maintain the durability of wood floors, choose a mop that uses cotton with good quality.

Mop twice
After using a mop that is damp or slightly wet, use a mop with a clean dry cloth. Choose a mop from cotton that has good quality. It is better if mopping is done twice, the first in a mop using a damp or slightly wet cloth, and the second in a mop using a clean dry cloth.

Meanwhile, the correct way to clean and maintain parquet floors is:

Sweep or use a vacuum cleaner

Parquet wood floors only need to be cleaned with a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) because the water from the mop can get into the layers of plywood, so it makes the wood become weathered quickly.

After that, clean with a clean cloth.

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