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How to Clean Mold Off Walls

As time goes on then the wall in our homes will be filled with dirt. But if you after clearing it in its entirety you will surely be surprised to see your home wall brighter than ever before. Therefore, you should clean the walls of the house with dirt periodically to look like new again.

As for how to clean the wall of the house that has dirt. Well, here’s what we’ll be reviewing about how to clean the walls of the house with dirt.

Cleaning the unpainted house wall

The wall of the house is not painted, there is a way to clean it as follows.

Move the items that are attached to the wall and clean the areas that are never cleared.
Clean the dust attached to the wall using a vacuum cleaner, brush or sweep by doing vertical movement from top to bottom.
Cleanse the wall from the top of the section and then gradually downwards. That way, the top part of the wall will dry first so that it is not exposed to stains or droplets of water there is a wall underneath.

Cleaning the Painted house walls

The painted walls of the house also means cleaning them differently from the walls of the unpainted house as follows.

Usually the painted walls clean it using warm water that is already mixed with soap. Or if you need a stronger water mixture then you can also add white vinegar as much as 240 ml in the warm water. In addition, the vinegar water also will not leave scars. So you also don’t have to bother rinsing the wall again.

To make cleaning more thorough, prepare two buckets of water. One bucket for cleaning mixtures and the other for warm water. After 5 minutes The wall is cleaned using the water mixture then rinse with clean water.

You can make your own cleanser by using soda cake mixed with warm water. Next, gently wash the towel with the mixed water and rub it into the wall of the dirt.

How to clean the dirt wall above is a small step of your actions. Although you have to provide energy and like time to clean the walls of your home, but of course the results will be more satisfying.

In addition, if you have to pay a handyman to clean the walls of the house you also do not have to worry.

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