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How to Clean the Air in Your Home Easily

Here are some ways that you can use when cleaning your air conditioner at home, the explanation is as follows:

Use Perfume Cleaner, Duster, And Wipe To Clean The AC Filter
You can use a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, and dry cloth to help you clean the air conditioner at home.

Clean the front cover of your air conditioner with a feather duster beforehand to all the outside.

Then you must find a guide on how to open and also clean the filter section, and read it carefully before you can understand it well. If you understand correctly, clean the dust lodged in the AC filter by using a vacuum cleaner. You can also do it using a clean small brush. Well, the process can be done according to your convenience, a vacuum cleaner or brush is the same.

Next wash the AC filter section by using clean water and dish washing soap. After that, all you have to do is lean the filter against the outside wall of the house exposed to direct sunlight, to get maximum drying results.

Clean The Evaporator Coil And Fan
You can buy a liquid that is used for cleaning air conditioners in department stores or the like which is usually available in the form of sprays to make it easier for users. Because the evaporator coil section and also the fan is permanently attached to the inside of the air conditioner.

So it requires a level of accuracy and diligence from you so that later when spraying can be right to the intended target. Well besides that, you also need to do the flooring on the bottom wall of the air conditioner and also the floor of your air conditioner. (Also read: how to install CCTV at home)

The thing to remember in spraying is to follow the method of use correctly so as not to damage the components of your air conditioner. (Also read: how to eradicate a spider)

Clean the Outdoor Unit
No need to worry too much when you are faced with a situation that requires you to clean the air conditioning unit that is outside. In general, people feel hesitant to clean the air conditioning units that are in the outdoor and only clean the air conditioning units that are indoors.

Do not hesitate when you spray pressurized water toward the outdoor unit because the part has been designed so that the water does not easily enter the interior of the system that is directly related to electricity.

Spraying is useful for removing dust and dirt lodged in the unit. Therefore it is very necessary to spray with a little pressure to maximize the process of removing stubborn dirt.

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