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How to Clean the Air in Your Home With These 5 Plants

Activities from home throughout the day requires fresh air. Good air quality can improve mood and productivity. You can create good air by placing a number of greenery at home.

Seeing greenery in between activities can also refresh the eyes and increase productivity.

Here are 5 green plants that can clean the air at home.

The tongue-in-law is known as a plant that can absorb pollution and replace it with oxygen.

Caring for the tongue-in-law is also fairly easy because it does not need to be frequently watered frequently.

Simply place the aloe vera in a window or location with enough sunlight to be able to photosynthesize properly.

Elephant ear flower – Elephant ear flower or Flamingo Lili has a unique flower shape. Quoted from BHG, elephant ear flowers can live in a room with humid conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Lili Paris Paris lilies, known as Spider plants or Chlorophytum comosum, can be an alternative green plant at home. Quoted from the Health Line, paris lilies can clean the air in the room properly.

The many leaves make this plant also absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants effectively.

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