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How to Clean Vinyl Coating on a Kitchen Table!

And from various types of kitchen table materials that are commonly used, vinyl is one type of material that is widely used.

So how to clean the vinyl layer, it is important to know.

How to clean the vinyl layer on the kitchen table With a variety of motifs, colors and designs, vinyl coating is easily adapted to the theme and concept of the kitchen interior.

So, it takes several ways to clean the vinyl layer that is applied to the following kitchen table: Clean the kitchen table and the entire kitchen area every time after cooking.

If you get liquid or food spills, don’t wait long to clean it.

Clean it right away so that it doesn’t leave stains and it’s harder to clean.

Use a cloth to clean the dirt by rubbing it gently.

Do it several times until the kitchen table is completely clean.

In addition to using dishwashing liquid to clean the kitchen table, you can also use vinegar or baking soda.

The mixture of water with dishwashing soap, vinegar or baking soda is also useful for killing germs and bacteria so that the kitchen table is more hygienic.

After rubbing the liquid on the kitchen table slowly for several times to clean, do not forget to dry the kitchen table using another dry cloth that is clean.

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