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How to Clean Walls After Painting

Clean up easily and quickly with these expert tips.
Step 1: Place inspection
First, check whether there is paint in your socks or the soles of your shoes – this helps you avoid the spread of paint in your home.

Step 2: Clean your equipment
Clean all your paint equipment thoroughly so that it can be reused. The equipment includes everything you use in the decoration process, such as edge saws, dredges and paint tanks.

Use warm soapy water for water-based paint, and a cleaner with thinner for oil-based paint. Make sure to dry it to prevent rust.

Step 3: Clean your brush
You should also clean the brushes and rollers before the paint is dry. If you use water-based paint, wash your brushes and rollers with cold running water, then with warm water and a little detergent and again with cold running water.

For oil-based paint, clean your brush with a thinner and then wash with warm water and a little detergent.

Step 4: Save your brush
Wrap your brush with a piece of absorbent cloth, like a kitchen cloth, and tape it with masking tape. This will ensure that your brush returns to its original shape when it dries. Store in a flat position so that the brush bristles are not curved.

Step 5: Wipe your paint can
Wipe the outside of your paint can before closing it again. This prevents the spread of paint droplets and makes it easy to reopen.

Step 6: Clean the paint splash
Splash on decoration or glass? Easy to clean. Simply wait for the paint to dry, and then wipe the surface with a wet cloth or scrape a little with a blunt knife.

Step 7: Fan the protective sheet
Finally, fold the edges of the fabric and your protective sheet toward the center so that splashes or droplets of paint do not spread to the surrounding surface. Take it out and shake it off before storing.

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