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How to Clean Your House Fast like a Pro

There is so much that a mother must do. Starting from working, helping children complete their homework, taking care of family matters, and maintaining house cleanliness. But don’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated, Bun. With the right strategy, you can clean the house in one blink. Here are the tips!

The Right and Fast Way to Clean Your House

You need to take a short walk, especially for homework. The right way to clean the following will keep your home maintained in a short time.

1. Do the important thing

One of the secrets to cleaning a house in a short amount of time is to do the important thing quickly and first. When all three are done, the house will look more manicured.

2. Prepare a Dust Lap

So cleaning the dust must enter the list of activities that you do within 5 minutes or less. Microfiber wipes become an important tool for cleaning quickly. The polymer fiber on this cloth can lift debut, dirt, and germs compared to traditional cloth and works well with just a small amount of cleaning solution.

3. Do 10 Things in Each Room

Cleaning the entire room at once will be tiring.

4. Clean the Bathroom
Bathroom is an important area. Even though it’s the last place you want to clean, the bathroom is the main place that needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the bathroom is not necessary for one full hour. The quickest way to reduce work is to pour cleaning fluid into the toilet, then spray the cleaner on all surfaces including the shower. Then start cleaning the toilet, followed by other parts. By spraying the cleanser, this liquid can work a few minutes ahead, thereby reducing energy when brushing.

5. Take and hide

If there will be guests coming, focus on cleaning the area they will see. For another room, close the door, take the scattered objects and hide. Take a large laundry basket and surround the house. Put items that are not supposed to be in place, such as shoes, plates, books, toys, letters, or clothing, in the basket. Then set the basket aside in one place to clean up later.

6. Clean While You Can

Don’t let the mess increase, clean it little by little. When cooking, place the dish in the sink and clean it immediately after using it. Immediately pick up toys or school books that are scattered on the floor.

7. Teaching Children

It takes hard work to keep the house clean, but don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself, Bun. Encourage your child to clean the toys as part of a routine before going to bed. You can give a gift or extra allowance for the tasks they complete.

8. Total Cleaning Day

Occasionally schedule a time to thoroughly clean the entire house. Use this time to pay attention to parts of the house that are usually overlooked. Clean the bottom of the sink, discard unused files or letters, or sort the laundry that is left beside the washing machine. You can also invite children to clean their rooms.

9. Remove unnecessary objects

One of the tips for maintaining cleanliness of the house is to get rid of objects that take place. You can donate these items to people in need or give clothes and toys that are not used to relatives.

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