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How to Easy Ceklist 2 Hour House Cleaning Plan

How to change the atmosphere of the house more attractive and comfortable within 2 hours? You only need motivation and concentration to do it. Let us prepare for the battlefield against dust and dirt.

Preparation to clean the house

Turn on the radio or play your favorite music so that you can be more enthusiastic about cleaning. Wear clothes for the house, then prepare a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, broom and wet cloth.

put all the scattered objects as they should

Keep all small objects (pens, hair clips, etc.) and large objects (clothing, furniture, etc.) in their place. Don’t hesitate to throw it away and don’t think you will need it someday.

Clean the family room

This is where the occupants of the house mingle with their guests. So try to keep this room looking clean. Do not forget to clean the floor under a table or chair, also between the furniture. Clean the sofa carefully according to the ingredients. If the couch is upholstered, clean it by smoking it. Use a special cream for leather couches to make it look sleek. Roll the carpet and clean the floor underneath. If you are lazy to wash it, you can take it to the laundry.

‘Fighting’ in the kitchen

The kitchen is a battlefield where the most formidable enemies hide. You can also use environmentally friendly natural cleansers to get rid of mild stains, which are a solution of baking soda and vinegar or lemon.

Build peace in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place where the body and mind find peace. Clean the dust from the table, window sills and other furniture with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaner. When your bedroom looks like new, light a aroma therapy candle to help you calm down.

Bathroom without water

Clean the glass and mirror so that you can look at yourself in it. One way to keep the bathroom away from moss is to dry it from water when not in use.

Don’t forget the park

Don’t forget to clean the front or back garden. Mop the floor on the porch and clean the path from moss.

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