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How to Decorate a Bedroom Window

Of course, about designing the bedroom, my friend also must pay attention to the window area. The thing is, windows are an important part of architecture for creating a healthy and bright bedroom atmosphere. It makes it also important, to decorate the bedroom window so that it can look attractive. Like how to decorate a bedroom window that is easily applied?

The easiest way to decorate a bedroom window by using curtains
The most can be directly applied as a step or way to decorate a bedroom window is to, apply curtains.

And the use of curtains in the bedroom window, there are also many types. Buddy can be free to choose anyway, what type of curtain you want to use.

Or is it a type of lightweight curtain that can bring a relaxed atmosphere into the bedroom?

Want to make it as a relaxing area, add a mattress and pillows to make it comfortable
The trend to make a window as one of the corners of relaxing in a residence, can be an interesting idea. But to work around this first, make sure you have a ‘overdraft’ window design that you can use to sit and relax.

How to decorate a bedroom window like this, really suitable for my friend who likes reading while looking at the view in the yard. To make it more comfortable, put some cute decorative pillows to make the window seat attractive!

It makes it to work out how to decorate a small bedroom window, just put the decorative plant pots placed on the shelves.

With plants placed near this window, the interior appearance of the bedroom can be more cool and attractive.

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