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How to Easy Clean Glass Shower Doors

How to Easy Clean Glass Ahower Doors

Cleaning the glass is one of the activities that must be routinely carried out. Not only does it look more manicured, clean glass is able to reflect light so that your living space looks more alive.

There are a few tips that you should pay attention to so that your glass is sleek like before. For more details.

Clean the glass when the weather is cool

High hot temperatures can make the glass cleaning soap dry quickly when doing how to clean the glass so that the part that you sprayed but hasn’t cleaned will dry quickly. Your soap can quickly run out and will leave additional stains.

The soap doesn’t dry quickly and you can enjoy cleaning the glass without worrying about the glass getting dirty again.

Clean the glass from top to bottom

The earth has gravity which makes liquid run down. Therefore, it is better if you do how to clean the glass from top to bottom. Spray soap or vinegar on the glass. Let the liquid run down so that it helps you to clean the glass in an unsolved area.

Imagine if you clean the dirty glass with the up-down-down-up direction.

Use Gloves When Cleaning Glass With Newspapers

It is familiar to all of us that newsprint is a powerful tool to restore the glitter of glass as before. But for some people, they don’t like to do the way to clean the glass with this tool. Therefore, it is better if you use gloves when doing how to clean the glass.

Old T-Shirt Can Be A Tool To Clean The Glass

Not only newspapers, shirts that are not used can be a tool in how to clean the glass, you know. The shirt is considered ideal because it has no fiber residue and is able to absorb enough dirt from the window glass. You also don’t have to spend more to get a glass cleaner.

Wear it when doing the way to clean the glass is quite easy. Spray the cleaning soap or vinegar on the glass you want to clean. Then, wipe the glass with the shirt from top to bottom.

Wiper Can Be Another Option

Different tools will produce different results.

This elongated flat shape allows you to do a way to clean the glass more save time and energy. Anyway, the wiper with a long handle is very suitable for how to clean the window glass at the top or the glass divider in the bathroom.

Small Glass Angles Can Use Cotton Bud

Glass dirt that is cleaned from top to bottom usually collects in the corners of the glass. These angles are sometimes difficult to clean by cleaning the glass in general.

You just spray the soap into the corner. Use the tip of the cotton bud and clean the corner of the glass until it is clean.

Try Using Homemade Cleansing Soap

You don’t have to always use the glass cleaner soap in the shopping mall, you can also make your own soap.

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