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How to Easy Clean Wood Flooring

How to Clean Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors must be cleaned regularly to avoid scratches or even warp, but using a rough cleaning cloth can make lines on the wood floor or even damage the wood. General cleaning is by using a dry mop that has to be done regularly, but it is better to clean it using hangar water or a soft cleaning cloth. Here are some of the best ways to clean wood floors.

Sweep the floor regularly. Clean the dust by using a dry mop on the surface of the floor every day to remove dirt.

However, scratches will not appear if the wooden floor is cleaned regularly.

In addition to using a dry mop, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush connection.

Sweep in the direction of the wooden floor. Sweeping in the direction of the wooden floor will allow you to lift any dirt that enters between the grooves of the wooden floor pieces.

Clean up the spilled liquid immediately. Use a cloth or sponge to clean up liquid spilled on the wooden floor.

Fill a bucket with hot water. The water does not need to boil, but the water must be more than warm.

Hot water is arguably the best way to clean wood floors, because if done correctly it won’t leave a scratch. This method will not damage the coating on the wooden floor, because water is a mild and delicate cleaner.

Clean the floor thoroughly.
Don’t spray the entire floor with vinegar at once. You must immediately clean the solution from the floor, and spraying the entire floor at the same time will prevent you from cleaning the vinegar on all layers of wood.

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