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How to Easy Step Clean a Bounce House

Make your house clean and comfortable without dust.

Clean the dust regularly so that our lives are healthy, by cleaning it regularly.

How to clean dust from all household appliances?

There are some things we need to discuss for bedrooms and homes to be clean from dust.

Here are tips from Rukita to get rid of dust from all corners of the house.

Clean the floor by sweeping the floor every 2 to 3 days.

Although invisible, dust can usually be felt when we step on the floor of a house.

Therefore, we must sweep the house regularly, parts of which we often use for activities, such as the bedroom and kitchen.

Regularly sweeping the dust will make the floor very clean.

After the house is swept clean also by mopping the floor.

For maximum results, use a liquid floor cleaner that gives a fresh aroma to the floor of the house.

Once a month, dry and pat the pillows, bolsters, and carpets

Unknowingly, we breathe in dust every night while we sleep, you know!

Yes, even though it doesn’t look dirty, pillows, bolsters and carpets are a den of dust.

Therefore, we must clean the pillows, bolsters, and carpets, once a month.

Wash sheets and blankets thoroughly clean regularly

Not only pillows and bolsters, sheets and blankets must also be cleaned completely.

Clean and trim items that are no longer used

Clean household appliances that are rarely used.

Take time to tidy up your things, for example, every 6 months.

Keep your household equipment in a neatly closed closet for items that are not used to keep them in the deepest order.

To be cleaner you should use a microfiber cloth

Better to use a microfiber cloth to clean dust from the surface of furniture at home than feather duster.

Microfiber cloth is designed to absorb dust and hold it.

Wet the microfiber cloth before using it to line the furniture, because it prefers the wet microfiber cloth. This will make your furniture cleaner.

Do not forget to store the microfiber cloth immediately after use, so that dust that sticks away from the fabric.

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