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How to Fastest Clean Your House

How to Fastest Clean Your House, When you are in a state of emergency to clean the house, because you will have friends, extended family, honored guests or you will hold a social gathering, then you must clean and clean up your house as soon as possible.

But to clean your house quickly, it requires a strategy or steps to choose which first should be sold first. Maybe you are confused which one must first be cleaned.

Here I will share Tips to Clean the House quickly, the following review.

1. Bed

The bed is the capital of cleaning the house, because if we like to clean the bed, especially your bed, it means reflecting that you are very loving to cleanliness and beauty, well before you clean other places in your home environment, it would be good for you to clean up and make your bed.

2. Family Room

After you finish making your bed, the next step is to clean and tidy up the family room, because almost all activities and activities are carried out in the family room.

3. Kitchen

The next step in cleaning the house is to tidy up the kitchen, because the kitchen is a gathering place for food, drinks and other appliances, clean the kitchen and clean dishes, cups and other dirty cooking utensils.

4. Main Bathroom

Madi’s room is the most important thing because after you clean the 3 points above, you have to clean the main bathroom, because if your bathroom is clean, it really reflects that your house is very clean. So don’t forget to clean the bathroom.

5. Carpet and Floor

Then the next step is to clean the carpet and floor, these two elements are very important to complete that your house is really clean, make people who visit your home comfortable when stepping on the carpet and floor in your home.

6. Air freshener

This is the key to a clean home, which is using air freshener so that our guests are comfortable when breathing air in your home.

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