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How to Get Rid of Paint Odors

How to get rid of the smell of house paint with charcoal  already know that charcoal is one of the natural ingredients that has a good enough ability to absorb unpleasant odors?

Well not only the odor, black charcoal can also absorb odors from chemicals contained in paint, you know.

How to use it is quite easy.

The trick,  can put a container of white vinegar in a room that has just been painted all night.

Easy right?

Coffee Powder Is Effective For Absorbing Bad Odors It is common knowledge that coffee can absorb odors in the room.

Well,  can also use coffee to absorb the residual odor of paint in a new home.

The aroma of strong coffee is quite strong and pleasant.

Don’t Forget, Lemon And Vanilla Can Also Be Used To Repel The Smell Of Paint In New Homes Having a fresh and pleasant scent, lemon and vanilla are often used to provide fragrance in the home.

That way, the aroma of the room will actually be more fragrant and pleasant.

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