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How to make a minimalist garden at home

Want to know how to make a minimalist garden at home that can be filled with vegetables and fruits? Let’s check the stages, design, to the idea of ​​garden seedlings here!

Gardening hobbies in the house can only be done by those who have a large yard.

The trick is to make a cute minimalist garden like this.

how to make a minimalist garden

Now more and more people are actively channeling their enthusiasm by creating a minimalist garden measuring 1 m².

Not only those who are professionals, garden designs like this

Has been used by gardeners who are still amateurs.
Interested in making it at home?

Look at the tips, tricks, and ways to create a minimalist garden below!

Minimalist Gardens, What Is the Design and System Like?
Friend, maybe there are still many of you who are confused about this super mini garden.

In some other countries, this minimalist garden is known as a square foot garden.

Quoted from square foot garden is a simple method for ..

… Making small, well-organized gardens and also high productivity.

The yield from the garden itself is not for sale, but to fulfill daily kitchen needs.

how to make a minimalist garden

The design of the garden area itself is divided into several fields with the size of each 1-foot square.

Generally this garden area is made elevated with wooden boxes, so it does not necessarily join the courtyard land.

how to make a minimalist garden

After the square foot garden, a square meter garden also appears.

Well, for the field of his own garden can be purchased according to these sizes, Friends 99.

Model of a Mini Gardens that can be copied
Besides that, you can actually create your own field using existing wood materials.

how to make a minimalist garden how to make a minimalist garden

how to make a minimalist garden
Advantages and Advantages of Having 1 M² Minimalist Garden at Home
Before jumping into the manufacturing stage, of course you need to know first about the advantages and disadvantages of this one garden design.

When you understand, of course you can also know what needs to be considered and adjusted from home.
The Advantages of Having a Small Garden
Easy to handle because of its small size
Fast and gives lots of results
Easy to move from one location to another
If the soil used is a type of mix soil, the potential for pests in the first harvest season is minimal.
how to make a minimalist garden
Weaknesses Have Small Gardens
Choice of vegetables that can be planted is limited.
Need frequent watering because the soil dries more easily.
Stages & How to Make a Minimalist Garden at Home
After buying and making your garden field, it’s time to do the steps below:Choosing the Right Vegetable Seeds
how to make a minimalist garden

As well as cooking spices.
Remember, friends, choose plants that really match the temperature of the home environment.

It’s better to plant seeds that are not too complicated to care for.

Each seed can grow well and get adequate nutrition and sunlight.

how to make a minimalist garden

After dividing several segments of the field in the minimalist garden, do it

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