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How to Make a Quality Family Room

The family room is one of the important rooms in the house. In addition to the dining table, usually in the family room all family members will gather to chat. Then what about tips to make a quality family room? Here are the tips for all my friends.

Tips for making a quality family room that starts from the design of air
Actually, tips for making a quality family room is not difficult, it’s just that it does need a little trick. The first thing that must be considered is the matter of the design of the character in the family room.

Because as the center or the heart of a dwelling, try to place a family room that has maximum ventilation.

Pay attention to the lighting in the room
An important concept of the family room is the presence of a warm atmosphere. The warmth in family can be present through many things. Apart from the material, of course the lighting system plays quite an important role.

For example the yellow light from a lamp capable of this, was able to provide a warm atmosphere in the family room.

Incorporate elements from nature
Not only warm, the family room also needs to be cool to add a sense of comfort. Putting a lot of natural elements into the room, it could be one tip to make a quality family room you know!

The pots of green plants placed in the family room, can certainly make activities in the family room can run more pleasant. In addition, putting some pots of green plants in the room can also help improve the air in the room, and can also be used as a decorative element.

Make an interesting focal point
As discussed in the previous article, in a room there must be an interesting focal point.

Well, therefore, the presence of an accent or decoration element as a focal point is very important in decorating the room.

But remember, do not make a lot of focus points because it will confuse the eyes in an already small space. Just give one focal point for example with the application of large paintings, futuristic furniture or wall colors that steal attention.

Because one tip for making a quality family room is as much as possible, the room can bring out the atmosphere and a sense of comfort.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the room if you want cooler, my friend can apply a window near the family room. And don’t forget to pay attention to the room layout. Make sure people in the family room can freely pass, so as not to impede family gathering activities.

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