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How To Take Care Of Wooden Stairs To Be Durable

Namely, my friend must be able to maintain the appearance and physical condition of the wooden ladder so that it can survive in good condition for a long time. So, give me an idea and how to take care of a wooden ladder, so that it can make the wooden ladder look more attractive ?!

This is what makes one of the important things when caring for wooden stairs. Because the optimal humidity level of a wooden ladder, which should not be more than 60%, requires you to use anti-fungus for wooden stairs.

Polishing wooden stairs at least once a week
A more effective way to take care of wooden stairs, is to use wood polishes once a week. It is important to choose a polish that has the best quality namely wood polishers made from natural ingredients. This candle can provide a deep luxurious luster for wood products.

But you know what, friend, if there are also wood stair polishers that use ingredients made from oranges.

Orange oil is the most well-known and effective type of oil and is also a very gentle thaw so that it will clean products made from wood from various contaminants. This type of oil also has very good characteristics such as keeping away from ants, insects, and various other types of pest insects.

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