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Idea of ​​Decoration a Lounge

The lounge, or so-called lounge, is a zone where we can sit comfortably while doing light activities.  If so, what about who gave you the idea of ​​decorating the lounge in an attractive and attractive corner of the room?

Place a bookshelf to display your collection of reading books
Because usually the corners of the room are used for the reading area, it is really necessary to put a special shelf that is used to display all of collection of books.

Just choose the form of bookshelf design that suits the needs of the number of books owned by Buddy, yes!

The idea of ​​decorating a relaxing space with a number of accessories
In order to look more beautiful, complete the lounge with a number of accessories, such as small carpets, potted plants, framed paintings and posters, or bookshelves with unique shapes.

A number of these accessories can be placed on the wall or on the floor really. Staying Buddy just select what suits your needs and the style of interior decoration used.

Choose the type of corner chair that is comfortable

Means that in decorating the lounge in the corner of the room also needs a comfortable chair or sofa right !?

Usually, the main chair for relaxing in the corner of the room can be a papasan chair, armchair, or reclining chair. Just choose what suits your tastes and needs.

Can also be a long chair that allows the feet to relax, as in the photo above.

Don’t forget to place the lighting
After finishing preparing some of the furniture needed in this lounge, Buddy also don’t forget to prepare the right lighting.

So, relaxing is not only possible in outdoor areas, friend. Creating a lounge in the house can. Already so, the idea of ​​decorating a lounge in the corner of a residential room can follow the tips and tricks from above!

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