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Important Elements That Affect the Warmth of the Living Room

Creating a comfortable atmosphere to gather with family at home, will make the moments of togetherness feel more warm and pleasant. So besides the togetherness and quality time factors, family room comfort factors are also quite important. The reason is the family room is comfortable and warm, making the atmosphere more familiar and memorable.

With a comfortable family room, not only adults but children will also be happy and comfortable to linger in the family room. So to make the family room comfortable, there are a few tips you can apply below.

Prepare a Comfortable and Soft Carpet
Carpet that is comfortable and soft for the family room is one important element that affects the comfort and warmth in the family room. So that covering the floor with soft carpet can be used as an alternative to form a comfortable atmosphere in the family room. Friend Rooang can use a carpet of feathers that gives a warm impression.
Soft and beautiful pillows
In addition to comfortable and soft carpets, soft and comfortable pillows are also one important element that affects the comfort of the family room, Sobat Rooang. Therefore, to make the family room seem warmer, Buddy Rooang can put some soft and beautiful pillows in the living room area.
To Be More Fresh, Also Place Air Freshener
Another factor that also affects the warmth and comfort of the family room is the aroma in the room. If the room smells nice, the atmosphere in the room will also be more pleasant and comfortable right? Because of that, Buddy Rooang can put air freshener with your favorite scent.
Adequate Lighting And Good Air Circulation
Besides all these elements, lighting is the most important factor affecting the warmth of a family room. Buddy Rooang also must pay attention to air circulation in the family room so that the air in the room always feels fresh and clean. Therefore, pay attention to lighting and air circulation factors in the family room, friend Rooang.

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