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Innisfree Jeju House Design, Very Family Friendly

Hearing the word ‘Jeju’ must be familiar to you.  Especially for fans of Korean drama and KPop, ‘Jeju’ is the name of an island that is very famous in South Korea.

And speaking of Jeju Island, it turns out that one of South Korea’s popular beauty brands, Innisfree, has a very unique and amazing building.

Innisfree Design Jeju House Created Represents the Brand Innisfree is a beauty brand from Korea that uses natural ingredients from Jeju Island, an island separated from Mainland Korea.

Innisfree Jeju House, located in Seogwang Dawon Tea Plantation, is perfect for those who want to experience the natural beauty and purity of materials from Jeju Island through the Innisfree brand.

This Innisfree Jeju House design reflects honesty, closeness to nature and surroundings.

With a design like this, of course visitors will feel the purity of the products offered by Innisfree.

Each room is able to provide a different space experience Looking at the design of the Innisfree Jeju House will give visitors a unique and different experience!

Starting from the visitor can see the expanse of green tea plantations through the glass walls around it.

In the room came the voice of visitors who were busy choosing products and chatting in the indoor area of ​​the cafe.And apparently in the tangible form of the design of this Innisfree Jeju House, it also provides a cafe that serves food and drinks made from organic, while enjoying the warmth of the sun when it is hot and cold snow in winter.

When the weather is good, outdoor places are very suitable for elderly visitors to walk in the vast green area and the fresh smell of green tea in the plantation area.

It is truly an unforgettable space experience and difficult to obtain in urban life.

Material Use In this room, natural and natural themes are very pronounced.

The use of frameless or frameless glass material makes visitors who are inside feel so close to nature.

The application of wood material makes a natural, warm and friendly impression so that visitors feel comfortable and want to linger in it.The arrangement of wood with some distance between them, makes subtle reflections of natural lighting coupled with the help of small spotlights to create a warm atmosphere from warm white lights.

On the facade, there is a signage that reads Innisfree Jeju House attached to pieces of natural stone.So that at any time, the indoor and outdoor cafe area can be fused.

Become A Family Friendly Room The concept of the design of the Innisfree Jeju House is indeed made to form a family-friendly space, so it becomes one of the places that must be visited when vacationing to Jeju Island.The small store for Innisfree product display in the midst of the beautiful nature of Jeju Island and the comfort of Innisfree Jeju House certainly makes women interested in buying.

In another corner, there is the Innisfree Jeju House cafe is indeed the right place to pamper yourself from the frenetic city and become a space that inspires visitors.

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