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Inspiration for Macrame Decoration for the Family Room

Therefore, many designers make beautiful family room designs and decorations.

So, so that the decoration of the family room in your dwelling becomes more interesting, what if you add macrame craft decoration? Macrame decoration, which recently became popular as an interior decoration ornament, turned out to be very diverse in shape. Want to know how interesting, inspiring macrame decoration to fill your family room?

Inspiring macrame decoration used as a lamp container
Because this macrame decoration can be made into any model or shape, so the function of this decoration also varies, buddy! Even to the point that you can use as a container for decorative lighting, you know!

Lampshade designs from macrame craft can be adjusted to the impression you want to present. As an inspiration, macrame decoration is not just white friend, because you are free to create it by choosing another colored macrame rope.

Inspiring macrame decoration for hanging plants
The pattern of decorating the family room by presenting greenery is already familiar. So, here comes the inspiration of macrame decoration that can be made as a container or pot hanger to hang green plants in your living room.

Create a unique blend by combining macrame craft patterns with different types of pots and vines. Inspiring macrame decoration as a pot hanger can also be applied outside the room, you know, so it’s not only good to be placed indoors, friend.

So a unique wall display
Besides being able to be used as a functional ornamental inspiration, it turns out that there are also inspiring macrame decorations that serve as a decorative complement to room walls.

Of course, ivory white with a variety of attractive patterns will look attractive. However, inspiring macrame decoration with various colors like the above would be more charming right ?! Moreover, this macrame craft is suitable for scandinavian or bohemian room styles.

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