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Inspiration Model of Minimalist House Doors Of Wood And Iron

See some minimalist house door models that can certainly make the look of the house look even more cool!

Minimalist house needs a minimalist door too!
This door usually has a simple design but looks modern and trendy.
Surely if you use this door your house will look more fashionable, deh!

Inspiration of the Wooden Door Model
Minimalist Wooden House Door Models
model of house door

This wooden door has a simple look that makes the house look more contemporary.

Wooden panels mounted neatly on the door give a modern impression on the house.

There are unique door handles that are installed vertically from top to bottom of the door.

You can use this door as the front door and inside the house.

Checkered Wooden Doors
model of house door

However, this door will look beautiful when used as the front door of the house!

Modern Wooden Doors
model of house door

If you have a house with a monochrome feel, this door is suitable for use in your home.

The wood color is painted to black so that it adds an elegant impression to the door.

Besides the door, a window with an attractive design is added that adds to the beauty of this door.

Wooden Door Image of Owl

This door has a carved owl on the door.

The eyes of the owl are made into a window that makes the house look charming.

The use of this door at home can make the house look like it came from a fairyland!

Inspiration of the Iron Door Model
Model of a windowed iron house door
model of house door

There is a medium-sized window on the iron door that can make the room brighter.

The design is minimalist so it is suitable to be used in Scandinavian nuanced homes.

This door is suitable to be used as a door to an outdoor area, such as a front door or a door to a garden area.

Yellow makes this door look more striking and more charming.

This door is suitable to be used as the front door of the house.

Futuristic motifs on the door make this door look more modern.

The combination of copper and iron colors on the door gives a fashionable touch to the room.

This one door looks integrated with the surrounding wall.

Carved trees on the walls and doors add aesthetic value to this area.

Install this door as the front door of the house, so that guests who visit your residence will be enchanted by your home!

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