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Inspiration of Mezzanine Bedroom Design, Perfect for Small Dwellings

Mezzanine Bedroom Design, Perfect For Small Dwellings
Limited occupancy land is often an obstacle when designing a house. The challenges faced by designers are greater, namely about how to meet all the needs of residents in a narrow area. Designers and owners must be very clever to work around this.

Let’s look at some of the following mezzanine bedroom inspirations.

Well, so that you are not disturbed by all the activities that occur in another room, you can apply the main room on the mezzanine. By placing the main room on the mezzanine, you can more freely arrange other rooms that are public and semi private on the floor below such as the living room, dining room and kitchen.

If you are the type of occupant who has lots of stuff, this one mezzanine design can be an example.

With this design, the arrangement of space becomes more efficient. You can design the stairs to the mezzanine to be a closed item storage area, so it still looks neat. Especially with the selection of warm wood materials and decoration of ornamental plants, your mezzanine bedroom design becomes more attractive.

You can create two bedrooms at the same time with this method.

You can apply this mezzanine design for children’s rooms.

Minimalist stair design also does not block the room. Put railing on the mezzanine floor to make it safer.

For you who are still single and live in a small apartment, this mezzanine design can be your inspiration.  One way is to make mezzanine and maximize the remaining space.

By placing the bedroom on the mezzanine floor and utilizing the room below it as a bathroom, dining room and kitchen, the function of these spaces becomes more optimal. The open plan room design without insulation also makes the room look more spacious.


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